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Together we stand, together we fall. All for one and one for all

Shoyeb Khan Nagori

Shoyeb is a Co-founder & Director of Iceberg Outsourcing Services. He is an MBA from Middlesex University, London & have worked with Fashion industry in UK for around 4 years into operational vertical.
He has a successful track record of working and managing Offshore industry in Global market especially for UK, USA & Europe for over 9 years in India. Over the course of time, he also got an opportunity to handle Tier 1 British Recruitment Franchise in India as a Managing Partner for 2 years.
He likes to travel on his Royal Enfield exploring the nature, runs a small NGO for humanitarian rights and extremely passionate about his profession.


Akeel Nanabawa

Before establishing Iceberg Recruitment Services, Akeel has been spending his time building up our sister company Rec2go Ltd, which he started up in 2016, Akeel spent extensive time working for leading recruitment agencies. He has over 9 years' of recruitment industry experience and over 11 years in direct sales.
This knowledge is now obvious in the principles of Iceberg Recruitment. Employees of Iceberg Recruitment invest themselves in their clients and candidates, earning their trust and respect by their actions. Every relationship is of value, high levels of accountability are sought after and a job well done is the ultimate compliment.
Akeel likes to keep himself busy by playing sports and socializing with Family and Friends.

Hannaa Vorajee

Hannaa works for our sister company Rec2go Ltd and has been a part of the business since 2017.
She completed her degree in Midwifery, but chose the recruitment lifestyle after seeing the value she can add to the business.
Hannaa works closely with the management group and overlooks all the finances and HR duties. So if you have an invoice that is outstanding, Hannaa will the one giving you the call.


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